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  • Jim Lester likes our Viognier

    Jim Lester likes our Viognier

    It’s custom to give a bottle and receive a bottle when Winemakers great each other. Sometimes were lucky enough to share a case of the wares which happened to Robert during a recent visit at Wyncroft.

  • Art and Wine

    Art and Wine

    Winemakers pursue a vision, much as an artist imagines a work. Vincent van Gogh painted three vineyard scenes during his artistic career. Van Gogh did not make wine,

  • Wine Comps 2020

    Wine Comps 2020

    If winning medals and high scores are important to you, then checkout the scores for Brengman Brothers wines for the 2020 compititions.

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Latest Writings

  • 2019 Season Notes

    2019 Season Notes

    If any one season can prove particular vineyards are Gand Cru, 2019 may be it for Brengman Brothers.

  • Our Mission at Brengman Brothers 2019

    Our Mission at Brengman Brothers 2019

    Entering into our sixteenth season we find ourselves taking a look at our past and, more importantly, how does our future look.

  • 2018 Season Notes

    2018 Season Notes

    The most vivid memory in this industry is recalling the seasons. Every season is remembered from bad, average, great to historic, as they all get a place in the long-term mental data bank.

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