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In addition to our public and Wine Fan Club member events, our upscale, unique setting is a perfect place for your next gathering.  Please click the button to schedule time with us so we can help you plan the perfect event!

  • J’s ZA is the future for Pizza!

    J’s ZA is the future for Pizza!

    Chef JJ has created a phenomenal food that we call “J’s ZA” that elevates the dish we know as “Pizza.” Available any day that doesn’t have a wedding event or on Mondays in the Fall.

  • Oyster/Crab Cake/Smoked Salmon Social

    Oyster/Crab Cake/Smoked Salmon Social

    Reward yourself to a delicious and unforgettable day with a seat at the best oyster, crab cake, smoked salmon social on the planet.

  • Wine dinner with Chef JJ

    Wine dinner with Chef JJ

    Before joining on at Brengman Bros, JJ sported an impressive history of working up the ladder in the kitchens of some very fine restaurants in Traverse City and Lansing. The baton has been passed.