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Create your own Piccolo Dito Event!

Use our Piccolo Dito aperitifs to enliven cocktails, or just brighten a summer evening with them straight or on the rocks.

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Create your own Piccolo Dito Event!

With summer fully upon us, adding Piccolo Dito to your shelf is a timely choice. Whether poured on ice when fireside or sipped at room temperature, these hand-crafted fortified wines bring brotherly warmth into your home. Our Amaro, Mistella, Vermouth — all created from 100% Michigan grapes — are the latest, possibly the funnest, addition to the our portfolio of fine wines.

Wine expert David Furer came up with some new twists on classic cocktails using Piccolo Dito. Try them out:

The Brothers Blush

2 oz. BB Mistella (chilled)

4 oz. Bubbly of your choice (chilled)

dash of bitters of your choice

lemon twist

Pour all ingredients into a chilled Champagne flute giving it a brief stir, garnish with lemon twist.

TC Takes Manhattan

2 oz. BB Sweet Vermouth

4 oz. Grand Traverse Distillery Cherry Whiskey

dash or two of Angostura bitters

Stir all well with ice then strain into in a chilled cocktail glass--eschewing the classic cherry garnish as it's already in the drink!


2 oz. BB Amaro

4 oz. dark or white rum

6 oz. pineapple-coconut juice

whole nutmeg

pineapple wedge(s)

Pour all liquids into a tall glass with ice, give it a quick stir, grate nutmeg over it, garnish with pineapple wedge(s).