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Our Mission at Brengman Brothers 2019

Entering into our sixteenth season we find ourselves taking a look at our past and, more importantly, how does our future look.

We are honored to have hit the sweet 16 season of new leaves on our vines and excited and grateful to be part of Michigan’s contribution to the world wine revolution. It wouldn’t exist if the wonderful flavors of the vineyards were not here. Those flavors are here, and their existence is crucial to our own. We have found this wonderful gift from the unique dirt that we tend and special climate that nurtures it. We love it, tend it carefully and competently, and see that it continues to sing.

To that end, our goals for this year are: 
  - Perfect the unique wine styles, brands and stories that will make us famous.

  - Develop our process in vineyard, cellar and tasting room to deliver delicious, enthusiastic, authentic, interesting and energetic experiences to our guests (see below).

  - Continue the creative process for new models of sales and distribution for our line of fine beverages.

  - Create positive investment conditions to attract like-minded associates who would become partners in the passion of our exceptional farming and beverage experience, especially as it relates to food.

  - Attract and keep great ambassadors of our brand who will contribute to growth and profit. Develop ways for investment in the brand for key cast members.

  - Promote our region under the Traverse Wine Coast brand by becoming a leader in the movement.  

How are we going to exceed those goals in 2019? 

  Wine culture and the people who make our industry special are astonishingly similar. We shall match and train our staff to embody the essence of our wines, service, experience, philosophy and future food offerings. Those elements must thrive in parallel like rows in the vineyard.

  Our core values are: Companionable, Accommodating, Refreshing, Interesting, Attractive, Authentic.

  Companionable: The wine and the server must be good company. Wine is a beverage that does not bully. Drinking fine wine is a dialogue, not a monologue. It engages, responds and stimulates.

  Accommodating: A fine wine and professional server let the rest of life get a word in edgewise, informing while being informed.

  Refreshing: Even as tasting great wines never gets dull on the tongue, so must the unique stories of those wines remain fresh on the ear.

  Interesting: Something special in the flavors and experience – whether a lot or a little -- must be worth noting, remembering and communicating.

  Attractive: We’re not just pretty, but substantial in some basic way.

  Authentic: The world is bored with anonymous-tasting wine and mundane conversation. Tell me who you are and allow me to tell you who I am.