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2015 Harvest News

Not at all the Estate volume that we hoped for but we experienced the seven loaves of bread and fish miracle with hybrids from our southwest Michigan grower friends.

We have filled our tanks and barrels with a heavenly amount of wines made from both our own estate vineyards and with grapes purchased from our growers from the lower western mitten. Nathaniel is busy again this year with blending some perfect hybrid grape juice into amazing port and vermouth. He also has a decent amount of Leelanau vinifera including Riesling, Cab Franc and another Wiener Gemischter Satz made from all Pinot varieties.

As far as notes on the vermouth, the beverage will be bright magenta in color sweet and bitter with a good acid backbone. Here is a list of ingredients;

Autumn olive (image)
Sassafras inner bark: TTB approval permitting
Dune harvested Wormwood: TTB approval permitting
Sugar maple bark or maple leaves
Wild Raspberry leaf
Small amount of wild juniper
Fennel seed
Petoskey stones
Carmelized Birch sap
January harvested rose hips
Wild rose petals
Wintergreen berries (consult Matt B. he knows my patch)

Non Local:
Egyptian hibiscus
Sweet orange rind
Bitter Italian orange rind (consult Joe B)
Blood orange
Buddha’s hand citron
Korean red ginseng (low heaven grade preferable)
Mango rind
Chocolate (cacao) pod pulp
Maybe a touch of nutmeg
Myrh (yep real myrh tears)
Kiefer lime leaves
Bay leaves