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Giovanni’s Summer 2015 Visit

Our brother from another mother traveled to TC for a recent visit. He had an active itinerary filled with wine dinner, bike race, wine education sessions and some local sightseeing and tasting.

We can’t say enough about the quality and value that Giovanni and his Valpanera team brings to our Brengman Brothers brand. We found the needle in the haystack when it comes to providing our members and customers with a 5-star Italian wines and other related food enhancement products. So when Giovanni payed us a visit in August, we filled his four-day visit with wine promotion/education sessions together with some playtime in our wonderful region. He also supplied us with a report card on his findings and we’re proud to share some of his thoughts in the report;


1) Brengman Brothers wines - As you know this is the most important asset, I liked them very much. I tried some older vintages and they were very nice. In my opinion, it is extremely important that a fine wine must be made to age well. Well done guys!!!

2) Event organization - Saturday night’s wine dinner was amazing. I do not only speak about Joe's skills as a chef and celebrity, but all the rest it was just perfectly organized. I think it is a great idea to have the same staff of the winery serving at the table. I do the same in my winery. It brings people (customers) closer to you and helps build the relationship. No wonder you guys have so many events and weddings!

3) Vineyards - I believe there are more vines than my last visit. They are well kept… you should be proud. Most of the wine shops I visited in the nearby area do not have a proper winery. You are already a step further and you should underline it very much with your customers; you are producer of great wine, you own the vines and the production facility... the full process! Because of that, you can guarantee quality standard every year and you know exactly how the wines are produced. This is the greatest advantage you have!


We already miss Giovanni and appreciate him spending his precious little free-time with us and look forward to seeing him again, next time in Italy, is our goal.