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The 2017 Harvest is Officially in the Books

It was a good call to leave 20 plus rows of Riesling grapes to make Ice Wine as we experienced an early start of the cold weather finishing the harvest of the frozen grapes on Dec 12.

True ice wine is only possible in the world’s northernmost vineyards, where a suitable frost can reasonably be expected. It’s an expensive and risky venture. Under German law the grapes must freeze on the vine. Artificial freezing, such as is practiced in New Zealand, is strictly verboten. The grapes must be harvested when the temperature is –7° C (19° F) or colder, and our labor force was available on short notice for the pick this past Monday and Tuesday. All of the grapes must be harvested before they thaw—thawed grapes rot quickly—and must be pressed while frozen.

Now the juice is in Maggie’s hands slowly fermenting into a precious wine. We can’t wait to share all our wines from the glorious 2017 vintage!