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Robert speaks at International Alsace Festival

Robert joined two other Traverse Coast area winemakers at the 12th Annual Anderson Valley Alsace Varietals Festival. Here’s his report.

-       MI wines were well received. Many positive comments from attendees including wine professionals, organizers and consumers. This was particularly good considering that the MI wines followed a presentation of some delicious New Zealand wines.  It was a great comparison, with many commenting that the MI wines were the best of the education session. 

-       Made new friends in the industry including the area’s top personalities 

Valuable Lessons

-       Play to our strengths:

o   High aromatic white wines are appreciated and can only excel in special places like our Traverse Coast

o   Wine professionals love them and that will continue to rub off to the consumers as exposure continues

o   Tasted their strengths and they are very good at what they do. We could only match them on very warm seasons. They also make a very large supply of it that is priced at every level. We’re crazy to think that we could gain any of consumer market for the Pinot, Char, Cab and other reds.

o   What they can’t do like us is the Alsace styles but they will continue to try and even start growing more as the market increases for these wines.