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Solar Power

​We are now a zero net meter operation. The rumor from our installer says that we are the first 100% solar powered commercial winery in Michigan.

The three panel solar electric system was installed in June, 2013. The panels track the Sun and will produce approximately 30,000 kW-hours of clean energy each year, offsetting 30 tons of CO2, while providing an 8% plus return on investment with an installed cost well under $3 per watt after the 30% investment tax credit.
With grid intertied net metering, during sunny times valuable excess peak period energy is delivered to Consumers Energy. During off peak and low sun periods the winery draws power from the utility.

Installed by Leelanau Solar of Northport, Michigan the All Sun tracking systems are manufactured by All Earth Renewables from Williston, Vermont. All Earth Renewables has installed over 2000 “Sun-Tracker” systems since 2008. The system uses a microprocessor-based control system that computes the sun’s position based on latitude, longitude and time of day (GPS feed). The system has a wind speed sensor that parks the panel horizontal in high wind situations.

Each of the three tracking arrays consists of 24, 260 watt solar electric panels for a total peak output of 18.72 kilowatts.

Project Summary

Peak Output Rating: 18.72 kW
Annual Electric Energy: 30,000 kW-hrs
CO2 Abatement: 30 tons per year
Net cost after 30% Investment Tax Credit: $2.60 per watt