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Our grandparents, Peter (Pete) and Augusta (Gusi) Brengman, were Detroit area hospitality celebrities. Pete operated the famous Continental Bowl for three decades. Grandma Gusi served as queen of our large Catholic immediate family. Her daily routine would begin each day with mass and then off for an 8-hour shift to lead the kitchen crew at our family's 'Captain' restaurants.

Our love for hospitality and sharing the finer things can surely be traced through our DNA. We were firmly taught that hospitality is both a human virtue and a vocation demanding that people that be simultaneously skilled, compelling, and fascinating individuals.

Our staff are people who care about fine wine, the history and practices of which are all important for Brengman Bros. vineyard and cellar.


Rob 'Keeper of the Oyster Shucker' received his bachelor’s degree in design from the Detroit College for Creative Studies in 1982. He and Joni married in 1989, soon after settling in Traverse City to raise their two sons. The outward thinking type rarely with time for small talk, he openly details his experiences while wanting to know the ideas others. Skills acquired at his day job helped in the comfortable layouts for the vineyard and tasting room although "wine is the star of the show; quality grapes and wine underpin our work."

Areas of responsibility: Vineyard, Cellar and Marketing


Ed 'The Schmoozer' received his bachelor’s in Business Administration from Central Michigan U. in 1979. After 15 years managing the family's successful Captain's restaurant, he helped Chris in her audiology practice until shifting over to the winery. The traditional man of hospitality is detail-oriented, quick to share his family's history yet curious enough to ask of yours, a talker with a personality made for TV. "Working with family can be challenging but it's more a calling than work. We like hosting and wine goes to the soul making hospitality easier."

Areas of responsibility: Hospitality and Sales


“Lawyer Ed” received his JD from Western Michigan University Cooley Law School in 2014.  Prior to that, he served in the Marine Corps and Army National Guard and worked for the IRS.  Ed has enjoyed business ventures for quite some time, including owning a printer/toner company, a Veterans contracting company, a real estate company, a car wash, and a law and tax services office in Traverse City.  Ed and Melanie married in 2014 and moved to Traverse City in 2016.  They quickly became fans of the wine industry (as a pharmacist, the chemistry of wine is fascinating to Melanie) and Ed found his passion with Brengman Brothers.  “Enjoying amazing wine while sharing it with wonderful people is the perfect combination.”

Areas of responsibility: Human Resource & Legal


Matthew started working in the vineyard at our very first harvest in 2007. He went off to study at MSU’s Viniculture program at the University Center here in Traverse City. Matt leads his team in every order of vine pathology steps all the way to harvest. Matt’s full-time leadership of the vineyard began on the historic 2016 vintage.

Area of responsibility: Vineyards


After pursuing a degree in Industrial Design at the prestigious College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Robert Brengman learned winemaking with experts in the cellars of Brengman Brothers, which he cofounded almost 20 years ago. “By not having a degree, I’m constantly reading wine books, soil books, tasting as much wine as possible, developing my senses and intuition to the highest level. I’ve read that it takes two lifetimes to ever become good at winemaking. I’m sure that my previous lifetime I was a winemaker, perhaps Churchill tasted my mine!”

Area of responsibility: Winemaker


Brother from another mother! Upon completion of his business studies in London and Barcelona, Giovanni added to his graduations that of joining his family winery full time. Justifiably proud of possessing the world's largest planting of Refosco, he and engineer father Giampietro also make small quantities of the indigenous Verduzzo Friulano, a white variety along with the internationally- recognized Chardonnay. Their Valpanera winery and its vineyards rest upon a beneficial mix of alluvial clays and sands over a limestone subsoil in the southern section of the Aquileia district.

Area of responsibility: Off-site Wine Producer