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Sustainable Vineyard / Winery

Our commitment is to producing the finest natural wines while sustaining ecological balance. Meeting that goal means a lot of hard work and higher costs. However it's worth the effort because the same industrial agriculture methods that manufacture cheap inferior wines also harm the environment. Here are some of our sustainable environmental practices that contribute to crafting sublime wines:

Care in the Vineyard

Organic most of the time

  • Spray program is 95% organic, 5% synthetic
  • Synthetic sprays every third spray for fungicide only 
  • Never spray insecticide

Raise animals for benefits

  • Sheep for weed control and compost/fertilizer addition 
  • Hens for insect control
  • Balance plants and animal in a vineyard equals good karma

Healthy and Happy Plants

Compost for food consisting of grasses, grape by products, manure, oyster shells, liquid fish, spent grains, other micro nutrients

  • Founding member of the Great Lakes Sustainable Wine Alliance
  • Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program verified

Planted the right varieties in the best place on Earth

  • True cool/cold climate conditions with Great Lake influences
  • Clean air that fruit loves to grow in
  • Dirt and seasonal weather patterns that are ideal for vines
  • Optimal use of land marginal for other forms of agriculture
  • Daytime/nighttime temp swings right for vine fruit

Smart choices in proven plant physiology by choosing the right:

  • Plant clone
  • Rootstock
  • Soil
  • Trellis style
  • Natural chemistry of the wine

Winery Custom Tools

Small batch custom wine tanks

  • Perfect size to create the right wine for the season. Example: created four styles of Riesling in 2016
  • Underground cellar with perfect temp without heating/cooling
  • Movable tanks for outdoor cold stabilize in winter
  • First to use concrete tank in the Midwest

Low Carbon Footprint

First 100% solar powered winery in Michigan

  • Produces approx. 30,000 kW-hours of clean energy each year
  • Offsets 30 tons of CO2
  • Dual axis “all sun trackers” system, first in the Michigan
  • Web base daily production monitoring

All lighting fixtures are energy efficient Light Emitting Diodes

Geothermal heat and cooling

What does all this effort mean?

Highest quality beverage with pure taste, cleaner after effect and low carbon footprint.

View of the solar panels

Cold stabilizing wine outdoors in northern Michigan winter

Guinea hens that patrol the vineyards producing the Estate grapes