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Why We Do What We Do

Our Fine Wine Mission Statement

Our number one focus at Brengman Brothers is to create and offer fine wine with the grapes that we grow in our three vineyards, from contracted grapes grown by other Michigan winegrowers or from the imported wines that come from our sister winery in Italy.

We are considered young as it relates to the wine business, just entering our fourteenth season.The quality of the wine has always been our main focus from the very beginning and is still the number one goal. We planted ourselves in a place called Leelanau Peninsula that is currently “the edge of ripeness” as it relates to planting and growing vinifera grape vines. How do we know this? Because our season starts and ends later on the calendar than most other vineyard places on the planet. What does this timeline mean? It means that our fruit has a tendency to contain amazing flavors that pair extremely well with the perfect acid that comes with the fruit in an environment like ours.

Finding the right properties to grow fine wine grapes is something that happens for a reason, we learned. We experienced some land purchases that just didn’t work out for some reason. But the three lands that we settled on had an experience that just felt spiritually correct. It was like we were picked to take care of these lands.

After the vineyard land accepts you as its caretaker, the next biggest step along the journey is to put together a cast of team members that sports the same goals, work ethic and enthusiasm.

Our Vineyard team

These guys are great. They know exactly what to do and when to do it. They cringe when they hear me say “microclimate” when I was supposed to say “mesoclimate” when describing what happens with weather to certain parts of the vineyards compared with other parts. They know the plants, soil and especially the rocks because they rock!

Our Winemaking team

Nathaniel found us and we are glad he did! He’s another one that will cringe when I say “citric” instead of “malic” when talking about ML fermentation to a guest. He is in fine tune with the grapes and knows just how to take the fruit along the most comfortable ride through its process. Nathaniel will have an assistant working with him this upcoming crush – Maggie Thompson. Maggie is spending her internship from Cal-Poly with us and we see a real good fit with her addition.

The Brengman Brothers pride ourselves of doing what we do to orchestrate a family business that is a serious contributor to the world of fine wine.